Give Online

Give Online

Being set up...

If you would like to set up giving from your bank via ACH, you can do so using the form linked at right.

Credit/debit card giving and/or other means of giving are being set up for the near future. Stay tuned!


Giving cheerfully is part of our worship. Your generosity allows us to help more people experience the life-change brought by Jesus.

1) Maximize your impact...

You can download this form, fill it in and bring it into the office to set up automatic transfer's via ECH from your bank account. By doing this, more of your gift will go to help the church, and almost none to bank charges.


2) Minimize the hassle (coming soon).

It's easy to use a credit or debit card to give to the church. About 2.7% of your gift will go to finance charges, but you can do it instantly, and you may have other reasons you want to use your card, e.g., points earned.