Our Family of Churches

We are part of the Brethren in Christ, a great family of churches represented around the world.

The "BIC" wants to center their lives around God—not just in beliefs but in practical everyday living. They work for peace and justice in the world and strive to make the Bible their guide to life.

Our affiliation with this denomination enables us to have an impact in worldwide missions, participate in regional camps and conferences, find help outside ourselves when we need to tap into collective wisdom, and  connect to believers around the world.

Our congregation enjoys the freedom to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in our specific context, while also receiving encouragement and wisdom from our BIC Atlantic Conference sister congregations and the guidance of our conference bishop.

Brethren in Christ Youth Quest Gathering
Hermanos en Cristo photograph

Though we are part of this one specific denomination, we partner with many different local and global Christian organizations. We gladly join hands and hearts with Jesus followers of many stripes. We are all part of God's great Kingdom!