Our Story

Our Story*

Much less walking!

The Souderton Brethren in Christ Church (SBIC) was started in the 1890's. Many of the church people in Souderton wanted to save the extra five miles to the closest Brethren in Christ church (in Silverdale). They began to meet in homes, a wheelwright shop and in Strasser Hall on Main street. In 1898, they began to build a building at the Corner of Railroad Avenue and Church Street, and enlarged it in 1915. In 1937 a front porch was added and a second door for the women. The first pastor hired was Harold Wolgemuth (1950-1952).

Much more space

In June 1962, the church moved into a new meeting house at the present location. In more recent times Tom Delk ended thirteen years of faithful service as pastor, and, on September 10th, 2023, KrisAnne Swartley was given the role.




*Much of this information is drawn from an unpublished paper, A History of the Souderton Brethren in Christ Church, by Connie Bencsik, 1969.